Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

CIRM Scholar Training Grants




Funds up to 19 scholars in the following 3 categories:


• Up to twelve Pre-doctoral (MD, MD/PhD or PhD) Scholars - Not open for applications at this time


• Up to two PhD Postdoctoral Scholars - Not open for applications at this time


• Up to two MD Research Scholars - Deadline Sept. 1, 2014 (Link to 2014 MD Research Scholar Application)


The CIRM Training Grant positions are for full-time research and can fund the scholar for up to 3 years. CIRM Scholars do NOT have to be US citizens.  However, foreign scholars must have visas that allow stipend support (typically a J-1 & F-1 visa). H1-B and TN visa holders are NOT eligible. Each scholar will be reviewed and reappointment decisions will be made on a yearly basis.  Some special aspects of the CIRM Scholar positions are:


1.        A mentor and co-mentor from non-overlapping fields (i.e., a surgeon-scientist and a stem cell biologist)

2.        Several required courses

3.        A two-week clinical immersion for non-MD scholars in the area of medicine that most closely relates to your area of research




Pre-doctoral Scholars can be either PhD students in Biosciences or Engineering, etc., or medical students at Stanford and must have a Stanford-identified advisor.


Postdoctoral Scholars can be from Biosciences, Bioengineering and other fields at Stanford and must have a Stanford-identified mentor.


MD Research Scholars -- candidates must have received a professional doctoral degree in a medically-related field and should be currently training in a residency or immediate post-residency program. They must have a Stanford-identified mentor and an affiliation with the mentor's lab as well as hold a Stanford postdoctoral clinical fellow appointment. This application is for a full-time research fellowship; CIRM guidelines state that clinical trainees may not expend more than 10-20 percent of their appointment time on clinical duties that are unrelated to, or independent of, the CIRM training program.


Stanford faculty, research associates, research scientists, and instructors are not eligible to be CIRM Scholars.





Amy Erickson




Additional Application Guidelines:


1. Submit application and supplemental documentation electronically as a zip file as one attachment (instructions within application). Letters of recommendation should be signed and submitted in pdf format directly to Amy Erickson via email ( by the person writing the recommendation. Referees will have one week past the due date to submit their letters of recommendation.


2. Summary of relevant research should be kept to a maximum length of one page, typed (no specific font or font size is required as long as its legible).


3. Research plans should be kept to a maximum length of three pages. Proposals exceeding this page limitation may not be evaluated. The bibliography or pictures may be additional pages (kept to a minimum). A project for several years should be described (no specific font or font size is required as long as its legible).


4. If the proposed research will involve animal and/or human subjects/protocols, the applicant should apply for the required protocols at the time of submission and not wait to be funded. Funding from the Training Grant cannot begin until all protocols are approved.




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